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MySQL Cookbook, 3rd Edition
Paul DuBois
O'Reilly Media
ISBN 978-1-4493-7402-0
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Date 2014-07-27
Page 0
Reported by Paul DuBois
Description I changed the Ruby scripts to remove the -w option from the initial #!/usr/bin/ruby line. This option can be useful for finding possible problems (as mentioned in Recipe 2.1), but causes more warnings with Ruby 1.9 and up than with Ruby 1.8, some of which may originate from with libraries that are not easily changed. Removing -w silences these warnings.

Date 2014-07-27
Page 0
Reported by Paul DuBois
Description recipes/metadata/ In Recipe 10.2, this Python script shows how to determine whether a statement produces a result set. It originally checked whether there are any columns using this test: if cursor.description is None. Although that works, Connector/Python cursor objects have a with_rows property designed for that purpose, so the script now uses that property instead. Also, to avoid an exception, the code that enumerates cursor.description no longer executes if there are no columns.

Date 2015-03-16
Page 537
Description A marathon is 26 miles, not 26 kilometers.

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