MySQL, 4th Edition (08-1 printing) - Errata

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MySQL, 4th Edition (08-1 printing)
Paul DuBois
ISBN 0-672-32938-7
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Number of items: 13
Date of most recently reported item: 2013-02-03

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Date 2009-03-28
Page 60
Description The title for the cross reference to Section 11.2.5 near the middle of the page is incorrect. The title should say "How SQL Statements Map onto Table File Operations."

Date 2009-03-28
Page 74
Description In the title for Section, "Letting" should be "Setting"

Date 2010-02-12
Page 75, 1st para, 2nd line
Reported by Adrian Hill
Description There is a space between the ":" and "=" of the ":=" assignment operator.

@var_name: = value

should be

@var_name := value

Date 2010-10-06
Page 156, 2nd para from bottom
Reported by Richard Cook
Description "The following discussion in phrased" should be "The following discussion is phrased".

Date 2013-02-03
Page 192
Reported by Jim Kovacs
Description Text near the bottom of the page indicates that SHOW CREATE TABLE and SHOW TABLE STATUS show foreign key relationships. This is not true for SHOW TABLE STATUS.

Date 2013-02-03
Page 216, first para
Reported by Jim Kovacs
Description "Table 3.4 shows the MySQL date and types" should be "Table 3.4 shows the MySQL date and time data types".

Date 2009-03-28
Page 218
Description The title for the reference to Section 3.2.3 at the top of the page is incorrect. It should say "Specifying Column Default Values."

Date 2009-12-05
Page 299
Reported by Dylan Hall
Description "To execute the event every six hours" should be "To execute the event every four hours" to match the following CREATE EVENT statement.

Date 2012-01-25
Page 554
Description References to the $_PUT superglobal array should say $_POST instead.

Date 2011-10-10
Page 593, para preceding 11.2.6 heading
Description "does not give InnoDB a change" should be "does not give InnoDB a chance".

Date 2012-04-14
Page 593
Reported by Jon Forrest
Description "... the table constants are transferred ..." should be "... the table contents are transferred ..."

Date 2010-01-24
Page 624
Reported by Paul Saucourt
Description The references to Section F.1.3, "Option Files" should say Section F.2.2.

Date 2009-03-28
Page 1104
Reported by Richard Cook
Description mysqldump produces CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS statements, not CREATE DATABASE IF EXISTS statements.

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