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This is the archive for the O'Reilly and Associates handbook Using csh & tcsh. The archive contains the Preface and Appendix A from the handbook, the current errata sheet, links to source code for tcsh, and related documents.

If you have comments or questions about the handbook, please feel free to send me mail.

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From the Handbook

Two sections of the handbook are available online here: You can read the Preface to see what Using csh & tcsh is about, and Appendix A provides instructions on how to build and install tcsh from the source distribution. The current errata sheet and the cover illustration are also available.

tcsh Sites is a general clearinghouse for tcsh information.

tcsh Sources

The primary tcsh source distribution site is (Note: for a long time, the primary distribution point was That site no longer exists; use one of the distribution points listed below).

tcsh source distribution:

csh and tcsh Manual Pages

The tcsh manual page is available in several formats:

You can also read the manual page in hypertext format using your Web browser from the following sites:

If you want to convert the manual page to hypertext so you can use your browser with local files (faster), use the tcsh.man2html perl script to convert to HTML.

The csh manual page is available in several formats:

Other Documents

Bill Joy's paper, An Introduction to the C Shell:

A description of the tcsh command editor commands:

Examples of tcsh programmed completions.

Tom Christiansen's, Csh Programming Considered Harmful, a document advocating that csh (and by extension, tcsh) should not be used for writing shell scripts.

Anthony Thyssen's csh startup file FAQ.

xterm control sequence listing (these are used to change xterm title bar or icon text):


hptitle, a program to produce hpterm title bar changes:

Jesper Pedersen has written the Dotfile Generator, which provides a graphical interface for generating program startup files. One of the modules is for tcsh; it can help you set up your .cshrc/.tcshrc and/or .login files.

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Last updated: 2005-03-04