Using csh & tcsh - Book Reviews

This page provides links to sites where you can read reviews of the book "Using csh & tcsh" (O'Reilly, 1995).

Take special note that the book is geared toward interactive use of tcsh, not writing shell scripts. As the book description states: "This book does not cover programming or script writing in csh or tcsh because the tasks are better done with a different shell, such as sh (the Bourne shell) or a language like Perl."

If you want to know how to use tcsh from the command line, you should find the book helpful. If you're more interested in scripting, then you'll probably want something else. You'll note that the negative reviews at appear to be from people who wanted a scripting text and (I guess) didn't read the description. As for the review by egf ... He didn't get the book at Amazon, but posted a review there to slam the book after getting it somewhere else and writing an irate message to me asking why the book doesn't cover scripting. I told him that other shells are better for that purpose. Apparently that didn't satisfy him, because then his rant appeared on Amazon. Can't please everyone, I guess.

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