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This is the main distribution point for the software that accompanies the O'Reilly & Associates handbook Software Portability with imake, 2nd edition.

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X11R6.3 was released on December 23, 1996. This note discusses the applicability of the handbook to the new X11 release. An itools distribution that have been updated from R6.3 is available below.

Online Chapters from the Handbook

Three chapters from the handbook are available online. The Preface gives an overview of what the book covers. Appendix A describes the software distributions accompanying the book that are available online, and how to get them. Appendix B describes how to build and install imake on your machine.

Software Distributions

The distributions that accompany the handbook are described below. Those that contain X11 or X11-related configuration files are based on X11R6.1 (with the exception of the itools-R6.3 distribution, which is X11R6.3-based). Older distributions based on X11R5 are available in the first edition archive.

itools Distribution

The itools-R6.3 distribution contains imake, X11 configuration files, makedepend, xmkmf, mkdirhier, imboot, msub, and imdent. Appendix B of the handbook (available above) contains installation instructions for this distribution.

The itools-R6.3 distribution requires an ANSI C compiler. If you don't have one, you should try building the X11R6.1-based itools-R6.1 distribution instead.

TOUR (imake Tour) Distribution

The TOUR distribution contains configuration files that are based on the X11R6.1 files, but have been simplified. You can use these to work the exercises in chapter 2 of the handbook, and, should you wish to examine them, you may find them easier to understand than the X11R6.1 files.

SP (Starter Project) Distribution

The SP distribution is for the starter project discussed in chapter 9 of the handbook.

DP (Demonstration Project) Distribution

The DP distribution is for the demonstration project discussed in chapters 11-12 of the handbook.

EA (Extensible-Architecture Project) Distribution

The EA distribution is for the extensible-architecture project discussed in chapters 15-17 of the handbook.

EA changes:

17 Oct 96

cpp Implementations

The "der Mouse" and DECUS implementations of cpp sometimes can be used with good success on systems that have cranky cpp versions that do not work well with imake.

Handbook Production Configuration File Distribution

This distribution consists of a set of configuration files used to format chapters from the handbook.

Other Information

Other imake information is available in the imake-stuff archive.

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