Errata for "Software Portability with imake" (1st edition)

This is the errata sheet for the first edition of the O'Reilly & Associates handbook Software Portability with imake.

p. 18, third paragraph. "emptytarget" should be "emptyrule".

p. 55, near bottom. "ENV_VAR_NAME" should be "CFLAGS".

p. 106, second paragraph. Sentence doesn't make sense. It says:

It should say:

p. 210 (some printings), final code display. The rule names are reversed. The display should look like this:

        #define InstallProgram(file,dir)                         @@\
        InstallTarget(file,dir,-s -m 0755)
        #define InstallManPage(file,dir)                         @@\
        InstallManPage(file,dir,-m 0444)

p. 231, third code display. Line says:

"src,c" should be "src.c", so this should say:


p. 249, second code display. Line says:

        # some comment about ABC
It should say:

        XCOMM some comment about ABC

p. 295, fourth code display. Line says:

        % tar xf imake.tar.Z        (or tar xof imake.tar.Z)

It should say:

        % tar xf imake.tar          (or tar xof imake.tar)

The following errata are present only in copies that have Appendix J.

p. 360, third paragraph. Says that patch and compress are under xc/config. They're actually under xc/util.

p. 363, Figure J-1. The lines bracketing inclusion of site.def are given like this three places:

        #define XXXX
        #define XXXX
The second #define should be #undef each time:
        #define XXXX
        #undef XXXX

Document written by: Paul DuBois,
Last updated: Tuesday, 15 October 1996 10:10