itools-R6.1 README

Paul DuBois

Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center
Revision date: 24 April 1997

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The itools distribution contains imake, some related configuration programs, and a set of X11 configuration files. Instructions for building and installing the distribution may be found in Appendix B of the "boa book":

   Software Portability with imake (2nd edition)
   Paul DuBois
   O'Reilly & Associates, 1996
   ISBN 1-56592-055-4
Appendix B is also available online at:

or at the same location from which you obtained the itools distribution.

Most of this distribution was derived directly from the distribution of the X Window System, Version 11, Release 6.1.

This distribution has been superceded by an R6.3-based itools distribution. However, to build that distribution, you must have an ANSI C compiler. If you don't have one, or you encounter other problems building the R6.3-based distribution, the R6.1-based distribution may be useful.

Before You Build

Before you build the distribution, there are a few things you should check.

Look in the config/misc directory to see if there are any notes for the type of system you're using. If there are, read them.

Take a look at config/cf/site.def and read the comments to see if there's anything you'd like to modify.

Take a look at config/extras/extras.tmpl and check the following:

All systems:

UNIX systems:
Windows NT systems:

Building the Distribution

First of all, do *NOT* run a bootstrapper like xmkmf or imboot to try to generate a Makefile from the Imakefile in the distribution root directory. The Makefile in the root is written by hand; running a bootstrapper destroys it and you will not be able to build the distribution. If you do run a bootstrapper inadvertantly, you can restore the original Makefile like this:
   % cp Makefile.sav Makefile
For UNIX, the command for building the distribution is:
   % make World                  (or)
   % make World BOOTSTRAPCFLAGS="flags"
where "flags" is something like "-Dhpux", "-Dsun", etc. (See Appendix B if you need a flags value.)

For Windows NT, the command for building the distribution is shown below, but before you run it, make sure you read config/misc/Win32.notes:

   nmake World.Win32 > world.log

Installing the Distribution

For UNIX, run this command (you may need to be root) to install everything built by the build step:

   % make install
For Windows NT, run this command:
   nmake install
To install everything that is built in a particular directory, change into that directory and run "make install" (or "nmake install" for Windows NT) there.

You can also install individual targets. For example, if you want to install a program "prog", you can change into the directory in which the program is built, then run "make install.prog" under UNIX. Under NT, use "nmake install.prog.exe" or "nmake install.prog.bat", depending on whether prog is an executable binary or batch script.


Some of the differences between the itools distribution and the original X stuff from which it was derived: