MySQL - Second Edition Differences

Some of the updates for the Second Edition of MySQL are as follows:

  • Corrects the huge number of incorrect things in the first edition :-)
  • Coverage of MySQL 4.0 and (to some extent) 4.1
  • InnoDB and BDB tables
  • Transactions
  • Subselects
  • Foreign keys and referential integrity
  • Using SSL for secure connections -- yes, how you actually do it!
  • Replication
  • Character set support
  • FULLTEXT searching
  • Multiple-table deletes and updates
  • Better Windows coverage
  • Better coverage of administrative issues
  • The embedded server
  • The query cache
  • SQL variables, dynamic server variables
  • New C library functions for option processing, SSL, and the embedded server

Last modified: February 7, 2004
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