MySQL and Perl for the Web - Examples

Some of the applications discussed in MySQL and Perl for the Web are online and you can try them here. The source code for the scripts is available from the downloads page.

To-Do list manager Disabled due to comment spam.
Polls Vote for your favorite groundhog
What shape is your head?
Send a greeting card [try it]
Residential properties search [version 1] [version 2]
The search forms for these applications are rather large and may fill your browser window. When you submit a search, you may not see the qualifying listings. Just scroll down a bit to see the search results.
Staff directory [single-page] [multiple-page]
Session support [try it]
A script that maintains user text display preferences, using a session record stored in MySQL.
The PseudEcom e-commerce site [storefront]
Note: If you try out one of the applications that asks for an email address and a credit card number, use your real email address, but use 1000 0000 0000 0008 for the credit card number, not your own number. (The site uses a secure connection when collecting credit card information, but I don't need to know your number.)

If you find that a script doesn't work properly, please let me know.

Inquiries may be sent to Paul DuBois.
Last modified: November 21, 2006
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